Theoretical Course and Symposium: «Cellular Basis of Aging-related Processes»


October 15th-22nd,
Santiago, Chile 2014


  • Mitochondria as a target for aging-related processes in the cell
  • Dietary restriction as a model for prolonging lifespan
  • Cellular mechanisms for Alzheimer and Parkinson disease
  • Basis of muscle wasting (sarcopenia) in aging animals and humans
  • Molecular markers for the aging process


  • Dr. Enrique Jaimovich


  • Dr. Mariana Casas
  • Dr. Andrea del Campo

National Speakers:

  • Dr. Maria Isabel Behrens |Universidad de Chile
  • Dr. Daniel Bunout |Universidad de Chile
  • Dr. Julio César Cárdenas | Universidad de Chile
  • Dr. Pablo Caviedes | Universidad de Chile
  • Dr. Claudio Hetz | Universidad de Chile
  • Dr. Cecilia Hidalgo | Universidad de Chile
  • Dr. Enrique Jaimovich | Universidad de Chile
  • Dr. Marco Tulio Nuñez | Universidad de Chile

International Senior Course Speakers:

  • Jean-Vianney Barnier, PhD | Centre de Neurosciences Paris-Sud CNPS
  • Joseph Baur, PhD | Perelman School of Medicine University of Pennsylvania
  • Osvaldo Delbono, MD, PhD | Sticht Center on Aging Hypertension and Vascular Research Center
  • Bradford Gibson, PhD | Buck Institute for Research on Aging
  • Fernando Gómez-Pinilla, PhD | Depts of Neurosurgery, and Integrative Biologyand Physics

Abstract submission until August 15th

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